Expo 2015…a great experience!

Well today I would like to talk about my experience in Milan… at Expo 2015… let’s start!

I took a plane from Lamezia airport… I spent 6 euro for a window seat… and that was the result:

Posto 11b finestrino -.- (p.s. per il prossimo volo: ricordarsi di prenotare molto più accuratamente il posto sull'aereo!!!)

Anyway… 😉

We arrived in Milan (the city of fashion!) and before to go to the hotel, it was required 😉 to go to the Duomo  (the beautiful Cathedral)…

Duomo (Milano)
Duomo (Milano)

next step was the big ‘Vittorio Emanuele II’ gallery where you can find beautiful stores for shopping (I’ll put some links if you need more informations 😉  ):

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

On the next post in ‘fashion category’, I’ll show you the store that I liked so much into the gallery! … after hanging around the shops, we finally moved towards the hotel! We chose a B&B accommodation that I recommend cause I found it very clean, friendly, and close to Expo area http://www.bbfiera.it/  (I put the link if u want to get a look).

We took the red line Metro from Cadorna Metro station and we stopped at Molino Dorino where we took the Movibus (but if you prefer you can arrive directly to Rho fiera stop and take the shuttle).

Metro linea rossa dal centro fino all'Expo
Metro linea rossa dal centro fino all’Expo

To find the hotel our landmark was NH hotel or how some people use to call it ‘le torri storte’ ( we didn’t go into the NH hotel but it looked great!) …

NH hotel
NH hotel

…after a little walk from there, we finally arrived! yeeeeah! … in the next post: INTO THE EXPO! good night ppl! 😉

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