Summer tag 2015!!!

In this very hot weather I couldn’t do without a nomination about Summer!

Thanks to Pangurina9 who tagged me and Iriseperiplo for creating it!

The rules are very simple:

– Quote the blog author who created this tag and the one who nominated you;
– choose the tag’s picture as the principal image;
– nominate 5 blogs let them know;
– tell us about your summertime favourites in each area: clothing, shoes, sunscreen, your favourite refreshing dish and ice-cream flavour, and finally the song you associate with this season.

Let’s go!

Shorts Silvian each, T-shirt guess
Shorts Silvian Heach, T-shirt Guess

Clothing, shoes and sunscreen:

In my opinion, shorts are a must for the Summer. I can’t live without comfy jeans shorts, but you can also find them in cotton, with prints or stripes… the are ideal both for the beach and for a torrid day in the city.

If I have to choose only one shoe style among the many I like this here, I say without doubts espadrillas: you can find them in a variety of colours that are easy to match with your outfit; if you’re looking for something sober, I recommend the classic black & white, striped if you like:

Shoes&shoes shoes, H&M swimsuit, after-sun Australian Gold
Shoes&shoes – shoes, H&M – swimsuit, Silvian Each – shorts, Australian Gold – after sun lotion
Accessorize earrings

My choice when it comes to tanning lotions is Australian Gold:

Food and music:

My favourite Summer dish has Sicilian origins as I do: Pantesca salad has a wondeful and distinctive taste. “Pantesca” means literally “from Pantelleria”, a picturesque city located within the homonym Sicilian island. Keep tuned for the recipe!

Pantelleria salad!
Pantesca salad!

Finally, with more than 60 million visualisations, this is the song I chose to represent Summer:

So… enjoy 😉

And now to the nominations:

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