Right to the heart!

tumblr_nrsja8lVFc1r357sho1_25090263c39f56d060a69212fafb40366a4Frome the first shop opening in Milan in 1967, to the conquest of the World’s fashion capitals.


His world was a colourful place, psychedelic, pop and dominated by the street style; it was never snob, but always up with the times. That’s why we love Fiorucci: for his way to identify himself with the young people and with the ever-changing environment, without losing his strong identity; always proposing a captivating life-style through the various products he signed: clothing, accessories, perfumes, as well as gadget and drinks…  Total look at its best!

poster abbigl fiorucci

Since he passed away, a few days ago, in the streets is possible to spot more and more t-shirts, bags and accessories featuring pin up girls and the iconic angels logo, uncontested symbol of the brand 😉

Pin up shoes Fiorucci
Pin up shoes Fiorucci
Fiorucci angels shoes
Warhol inspiration by Fiorucci

How many angels are amongst us! Is almost like the city turned into a gigantic catwalk, as a living tribute  – and a farewell – to the beloved stylist!

My personal favourite cup! 😉


Atmosphere, magic and humor!

Fiorucci said: “I don’t feel like a stylist, I feel like a free person, a psychic who has met many people and who became fascinate and influence by their eyes. I look people in the eyes, that’s what led me to experiment and innovate, believing primarily in the power of people.”
Elio Fiorucci!
Elio Fiorucci!

Well, what else to add to the words of a true lover of fashion, a person with a strong sensitivity that allowed him to seize the best part of the people, a strict and informed vegetarian!

In his shop in San Babila’s square in Milan, the thousands of people who every day came along, felt relaxed and felt that there was someone taking care of them… How’s that?  Through the products… Actually in a very friendly environment, there were clothes and objects whose design induced an optimistic view of life, but especially focusing on the essential values of the product, Elio Fiorucci argued that a trade or business should begin from the spiritual, because consumers are extremely able to recognize essential values of a product, so… a real therapy of love!

And voilà for you a taste of our “love-therapy”… the Fiorucci’s effect!


Fiorucci sweatshirt, Hogan shoes, Levi's jeans, Vintage bag
Fiorucci sweatshirt, Hogan shoes, Levi’s jeans, Vintage bag
Fiorucci sweatshirt, Le coq sportif shoes, Mistral bag
Fiorucci sweatshirt, Le coq sportif shoes, Mistral bag


6 pensieri su “Right to the heart!

  1. Ciao ragazze, ho letto l’articolo, in poche righe siete riuscite a spiegare la passione e l’amore che questo grande stilista ha dato per la moda!!!grazie mille. Lazza è molto bella dove la posso trovare per aquistarla? Un saluto a tutti i lettori un grazie speciale a chi scrive per noi…ci state facendo appassionare . PS parlo al plurale perché sono certa che gl’altri lettori la pensano come me.

    Piace a 1 persona

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