Walking in Milan between fashion week & shopping

Milano always offers many opportunities for a fashion blogger, as well as for fashion, culture and art lovers. All is closely linked and floating in Milan’s  lively city, centre of all the fashion events, let’s take handfuls of that atmosphere!

This post will be a little diary of the past few days in Milan during the fashion week events. Impressions and suggestions from the fashion background, seen and perceived into this world, from me to you.

The fashion week calendar starts always on September 22nd, and until September 28th the city is full of artists, events, catwalks.



People from everywhere are present, and they suggest so many interesting inspirations and ideas: from catwalk to street fashion, trends coexist and create themselves in the air, moment by moment, all around you!

Creativity has no limits, is immediate and everyone could be the maker or user, this is the fun of these past days of full immersion in this environment!

Directly from my travel bag, here to you the first outfit : this is me, Kim 😉

D2 blazer and             dd

trousers wide leg H&M

denim shirt  ZARA

leather bag vintage 70s (I adore it! ❤  )

oxford shoes vintage

…wearing this outfit I go directly to Milan city centre and St. Ambrogio’s cathedral, to poke around and about, because here are starting some catwalks. An entire world is moving with me! I often met people walking my same paths, itineraries, sharing movement choices. I offer you some example of street fashion I met on my way:

foto milanoDress  Piazza Italia

Shirt and hat   Calliope

Shoes C&V

Handbag  Primadonna

Pantyhose  Pompea

Sunglasses  Tally Weijl

jewel  Me4Me


Blouse  Cache&Cache

Striped skirt  Terranova

Shoes  Pregunta (made in Italy)

Bag   Pretty

Jacket     Penny Black


Denim shirt    Mango

Skirt   Tally   Weijl

Jacket  Piazza Italia

Bag   Mango

Flats   OVS

Necklace https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594584533929897

…from street to catwalk users, between luxury buyers and not, photographers (often they look as trendy as fashionists! ), curious people, fashion design students and passers by. Shoes choices can tell you  a lot about catwalk goers:

IMG_7337Cristiano Burani catwalk’s entrance. She combines a denim dress upon the tapestry outerwear with geometric and folk pattern and open toe mary janes with simil-amber heel. Spectacular! Socks are indispensable and so cool at the moment. The tattoo makes  the outfit stronger and gives a post punk touch.

da buraniThrough the people is surfacing another shoes genre:so high, thin, and pointy heel shoes.transparent two-coloured pumps, vaguely fifties inspired or scarlet red laced suede shoes, with high heels too. Two different ways of being sexy;the third kind on the left is a little different, a shoe with chunky heel and a rock touch, ankle strap and strategic bands for a dark lady look.  And what shoe are you? 😀

Style is what we are and what we decide to communicate outside. From us to others. In the outfits you can see, you can catch different styles, equally chic if the mix is guessed :

burani people

the girl with blue sky fur on the shoulder looks like a little fifties diva, a little cartoon mood. The shoes give a more serious touch and the minimal black top makes the outfit  less blatant.

The photographer in dark trench and matching bag appears so urban chic! She wears also a wide like-wheel skirt, Oxford shoes with socks in contrast; the camera shoulder belt makes herlook brisker… was it a precise choice or random?

The third woman choose an elegant evening look – in broad daylight! – with a long laminated dark gray dress; the emphatic grooves remember Greek-ionic colonnades and Mariano Fortuny’s Delphos tunic. The hat completes the look.

The fourth girl is so classy with a vaguely neoclassic hairstyle, but with no braiding. She has chosen a really minimal ochre dress that plays on the volumes like a sac in the upper part, bare shoulder, tight and straight in the bottom part. The chic dress is in contrast with Dr Martens like boots. An interesting mix.

We leave Burani and go to another animated area: Prada’s catwalk entrance. It’s curious to note that every fashion designer and brand attract to themselves well-defined fans in style, everybody united by an invisible thread.

shoes pradthe fur is definitively basic part of the apparel and accessories : furry loafers, dress with fur attachements, fluorescent pumps with middle heel and totally oxford shoes for guys!

Ankle boot have been tried and tested by now for some seasons (down on the left),

shoes prada

everyone is crazy for flats and pumps with lace (in the middle) between fetish and Gothic mood. Finally, padded booties suggest winter holidays with wool and more fur… claiming for the cold season.

tacci bur

we change totally genre with this high heel mary janes, in a pink orchid colour, plateau and  two tones effect (white-orange), a mood really near to last Prada’s :


preada look

Aproposthat , here is captured a really Prada total look –  I’m not sure about the half sleeve pullover – shoes included, we have talked about… do you remember? 😉

They are sister by style : high heels,glamour bag, dark bottom with blouse in contrast. Stripes patterns and grunge squares continue to be cool.

due ragFashion people are crazy for


postman bags at the moment (we have seen them at Burani’s show), often worn with contrasting clothing. In this case (on the right) we have an arm jacket upon a crochet dress.. a new metropolitan mood, new approach and comibnation to apparel.

Hast have no more social or individual frontiers;  the more I lookcappello prad

around ,the more my eye notes : one hat leads to another, one hat more classy than another, for her and for him, also we have nice examples by low budget brands:


The hat is so near a democratic complement for clothing at the moment. However,so sorry because this so distinguished and good taste element, symbol of high class and beauty with no time is worn only in its trend periods,and the hat fans become outlandish when the fashion use of the hat is finished. This is the funny contradiction of human behaviour; but fashion is what we ourselves create.

We change totally environment and breathe an amusing and humorous atmosphere gradually down to kitch: who’s on the Moschino’s catwalk?

yellow shossca pra

jeans & bi-colour ankle boots (yellow and silver on the back), they are so pop. Another outfit always in denim, a must have for the last seasons, combined with rubber mary jane in army colour : vintage style and contemporary materials, like Melissa’s :



Evening sandals and suede pumps with jewelry attached are not absent. also sneakers with glitter and paillettes are so trendy at the moment!

moschinomoschino girlpersonag

Moschino’s outfit are so wanted and common, as you can see: this is a competition to have the most odd and strange accessory: exaggeratinon is the keyword here. Some girls look like real  brand’s mascotte (third, on the right)! Certainly here the atmosphere suggests us to be not-too-serious with ourselves 😉

What do you think about a little walk to Armani? 😉

Let’s go!

dani armani

Shirt and pants   Zara

blazer   H&M

Clucth   Max&Co

oxford traforated shoes  Bata

Sunglasses  Vintage

A friend come with me 😉

rosanna Armani

Stripped jacket  H&M

pants Eiki

t-shirt  Terranova

sandals  Cafè-noir

Hat  H&M

handbag  Mango

At Armany’s, winter suggestions (as we have seen before, like fur and wool) are totally absent : sandals and spring-summer shoes win; elegance and street style according and creating new dress-codes. Lively touches and strong hints of colour are present.

scarpepink sabot are hard to

miss, with this sand


bands studied to

shock, upon this  anthracite grey      total look in a really light weight wool. On the left, patent leather sandals vanish from red to port tones, they are so wonderful combined with  white cotton trousers. Simply chic 😉 .  Through Armani’s fans we’ll see red as prevalent colour.                                                                                                    pink twins

They look like carefully combined twins in style: the same patterned tissue, shorts for one, dress for the other. Black details are perfectly in concordance with  total apparel -the clutch with “leaf” shoulder belt is fantastic! – also the copper hair absolutely exalts the outfit.

What can I say, girls? Approved! 😉

armani bon ton

Patterns and prints are various. Beginning from the Japanese in green flower dress; follows the retro girl with wide grey wool skirt, big flower applied and bouclé jacket with geometric effect. The handbag is in concordance with shoes and also vintage is the hairstyle. It’s so original the damask coat, so cool in this season, in red tones upon the striped skirt with flat shoes.

armani tub

In this selection you can see fancy dresses and strong colours and prints: floral or geometric,shorts and aflutter dress, so expressionist. High heels and ponytail.

Different lines: little black dress with unusual neck, cloche an sixties mood for the yellow one with shoes in tone.  The blue “book” bag give a particular and strong touch to this bon-ton outfit.

street style armCatwalk is ended. Everybody runaway: a stronger look selection. White lace suit , denim washed jacket, clutch and motorcycle helmet: a really beautiful contrast.

Little black dress with rainbow jewellery, shoulder bag and shoes with a manly touch.

High boots are so trendy at the moment, here in a bad combination with the dress… a free irregular choice.

rge armani

Just a look at this total red outfit which creates a great effect, very elegant and light and flow in the meantime.

Pants, shirt and handbag completed by a bouclé jacket bi coloured (blue-red) and so chic dark red maryjanes.

Finally, some shots from Versace’s catwalk, spring-summer 2016. Just a taste. photos are a little blurry, but offer you perfectly the idea of the atmosphere and chaotic moment [ photos by E.B.]


vrca passerella

Colours and prints are kings in this catwalk: two or three tones a time are alternated and details are sophisticated. In this collection are also present pastel tones and rustling gowns, smooth lines and flowing wide pants . It’ so beautiful to know! 😉

[photo by E.B. ]

My fashion trip ends with this short monitor, full of reflection about what circulates in the fashion world, what is proposed, what people wear, and why… feel free to get your conclusions and opinions. What impressed you most? while everybody reads and talks about fashion weeks, I think is more interesting to analise what kind of people go to this events, and what do they wear. And why. Because we are the public and the users. And everything starts from us.  See you soon on next trip.

Bye bye my dears!



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