Walking in Milan between fashion week & shopping

Milano always offers many opportunities for a fashion blogger, as well as for fashion, culture and art lovers. All is closely linked and floating in Milan’s  lively city, centre of all the fashion events, let’s take handfuls of that atmosphere!

This post will be a little diary of the past few days in Milan during the fashion week events. Impressions and suggestions from the fashion background, seen and perceived into this world, from me to you.

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Mary Jane Shoes: Piccolo Diario Di un’icona

fendi-chameleon 2011-12                                                            Fendi shoes 2011-12

La scarpa è irrimediabilmente, decisamente donna.

Tacco, cinturino, fa rima con femminile. Quando dici Mary jane, fa rima con… Alice nel paese delle meraviglie, Dorothy de Il mago di Oz, perfino Cristopher Robin di Winnie the Pooh. Ed è subito  favola!

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MARY JANE SHOES: Little diary of an icon

Shoes are without remedies, definitely woman.

Heel, strap, they rhyme with feminine. If you say Mary Jane, it rhymes with… Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from  the wonderful wizard of Oz, even Winnie the Pooh’s Cristopher Robin. And it’s suddenly fairy tale! Continua a leggere