Fata Morgana tra scienza e leggenda!

E se vi dicessi che da una città del Sud Italia chiamata Reggio Calabria si riuscisse a scorgere la Fata Morgana mi prendereste per matta?

Allora leggete questo articolo e sognate insieme a me!  (english version) Continua a leggere

#The baton of cinema

Pangurina9 thank for making my name and I invite you to visit her post;)  

This is the tag “the baton of cinema” and was designed by Eleanor Panzeri, I will leave her link: le infinite vie di un’autrice

Simple rules to follow are:

– Mention the designer of the tags and thank those who have delivered

– Writing a quote from a movie that we carry in the heart

– Invite 5 other  bloggers to do the same

One of my favorite movies is “Dead poets society”, I think that is a masterpiece!

Robin Williams is… actually, was (cannot get used to the idea that he is no longer with us) an amazing actor, able to tap into the heart of anyone.

Every time I see one of his films I burst into tears from the emotion or I laugh until I cry! :p

I think for anyone who has embarked the exciting enterprise to express their thoughts and passions on a blog, no quote is appropriate… I think that nothing is easy and even if life doesn’t go as we would like, although everything we do seems an uphill climb, even if we feel the only ones to think in a certain way we must always remember that …

l'attimo fugg

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