The Sila: A National Park in Calabria not to miss!


Do you think it’s possible not to be charmed by a fairy-tale like landscape like this?


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Morgan le Fay, the mirage of Sicily

What if I’d tell you that from a South Italian city called Reggio Calabria it is possible to catch sight of Morgan le Fay? Would you think I’m crazy?

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Taormina… Have you ever seen such a wonderful little place?

“Pay me these lines weight in gold, not for their extraordinary beauty, but because I, my self, have to pay them so dear. If I estimate every little star a dime and a penny for every deep murmur of the sea, ten Lire the small red fire on top of Mount Etna and a half Lira every balmy air every other hour – as you see, I don’t consider the reflections of the sea, nor the trees, nor the old castle, and even the ones’ of the Greek theatre that had nothing with which to draw attention – then, it’s truly worth it and glory be to God who sent me to this part of the world”  (K. Capek – “Fogli italiani”)

This is the second part of my little reportage about Sicily (here you will find the first part); well, welcome to everyone and happy return from summer holidays!
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Sicilia: 5 destinations you can’t miss

Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again, we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life. Cit. Jack Kerouac

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Expo 2015…a great experience!

Well today I would like to talk about my experience in Milan… at Expo 2015… let’s start!

I took a plane from Lamezia airport… I spent 6 euro for a window seat… and that was the result:

Posto 11b finestrino -.- (p.s. per il prossimo volo: ricordarsi di prenotare molto più accuratamente il posto sull'aereo!!!)

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